Double Star Teabag Fold

The Double Star Teabag Fold or Kaleidoscope Origami is quick and easy to make, but really pretty.  I know I’ve posted this one before, but thought you might enjoy it again in a pretty pink.

You will need 8 squares of paper for this.  I used 1-7/8″ squares, though you could use any size depending upon how large you want your finished piece to be.  My finished piece is 2-5/8″ diagonally across.

Begin with the white, or wrong side of one of your squares up.  You want to fold the piece in half diagonally, then unfold it.  Now, with your square aligned like a diamond and the diagonal fold running up and down the center, fold the lower right edge up along that center fold.  Do the same with the lower left edge.

Now, the point at the top that is a single layer, fold down along the top of the folded pieces and unfold.  After that is complete, fold those top two edges down along the center line.

Fold the top point down along the fold line that you made earlier.  Then flip your piece over from left to right and fold the bottom point up so it is even with the two side points.

Do the same with the other seven pieces.  To adhere them together, you will put a small drop of glue on the lower left point and then slide that into the left side of that small folded up point.





Do the same all the way around.  Remember to lift the very first one up to slide it into the last piece.

Here is the front of the finished Double Star:

And the back:

You can use either side and each gives you a very different look.  If you had any trouble following along with my instructions, please watch the video below.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!

Star Flower Fold

Here is another teabag fold or kaleidoscope origami pattern for you.  This one is called a Star Flower.

You will need eight 1-7/8″ squares (as long as they are square any size is probably fine) and a bone folder is helpful for this one, but not absolutely necessary.



You will want to start with the white or back side of the square up.  Fold in half diagonally, then unfold and fold in half the other diagonal direction and unfold.  You should now have the white side up with a cross going from corner to corner.






Fold each corner in to the center.  You will wind up with a square.





Fold in half backward along one diagonal (flaps will be on the outside).  You will have a triangle.  Now, fold that triangle in half.  The folded corner should be at the top and the open corner at the bottom.






You will want to pull open the top section.  As you open it, the bottom corner will start to go up to meet the top point.  Now, fold that flat.  You then want to fold the top corner of just the top layer down to the bottom point.  Unfold that.  The crease you just made will help with the next step.




The next step is to fold that top section you just folded down into a rectangle.  To do that, you will pull open the front part of it.  The bone folder helps with this, then pull open the other side while keeping the first side open.  This isn’t easy, but it is possible.  Fold this flat along the center crease you made before.  It should now look like the second image down on the right side of this picture.  Take your piece and flip it over from right to left.  The angled side should be from top center down to left point.  Take the right bottom point and fold it up along the center line.  Now fold the bottom left point up to the top center point along the center line.  It sounds confusing, but you can get it.  If you are really confused, watch the video below.


The point that you just folded up, you need to fold in half towards the inside.  I fold it to the bottom point on the outside, then fold it in.  Your first piece is now complete.  Do the same with the other seven pieces.

To attach the pieces, you will put a bit of adhesive on the top of the small section that is left at the bottom left and tuck that behind the piece you just folded.  Do that all the way around and attach the first piece under the fold on the last piece.  You now have a beautiful piece to use however you want.  Here is the finished Star Flower again.


If the words were confusing, try watching the video to see what I did.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!

Closed 8 Point Star Fold

Here is a new teabag fold for you.  This one is the Closed 8 Point Star.

To start, you will need 4 squares.  For this one I used 2″ squares.  Now, cut each square in half diagonally, so you will wind up with 8 triangles.

You want to lay each triangle with the long side straight across the top.  Then, fold it in half from left to right, so the long side has a fold in the center.  Then, open it back up.  Make sure the right side is up.

Take one side and fold the side point down to the center point.  Repeat on the other side.

Now, the open point with the two folded over points should be at the bottom with the fold at the top.  Take one of those points and fold it to the side, lining up the edges.  Repeat on the opposite side.

Then, flip the piece over so the back side is up.

The single point should be at the bottom with the fold at the top.  (See the top right image.)  Now, fold the edge on the right up along the center fold line.  Then, do the same on the left side.  Flip your piece over and turn it so the folded edges are at the bottom with the long point at the top.

Do the same for all 8 pieces.  To adhere the pieces, put a bit of adhesive on the right side, towards the bottom.  Line the left folded edge along the center line.  Attach each piece in the same manner.  Before attaching the last piece, put a bit of adhesive in the same place on it, so the first piece will adhere to the top of it.

Here is your final piece:  The back is pretty impressive, too: The fun part about this star is that instead of adhering the pieces in this manner, you can flip the pieces and put the long points together in the center.  As you don’t have anything to adhere them to on the next piece, you will have to have a small circle or something to adhere the points to.  It makes for another interesting looking fold.

Try it and see what you think!

Thanks for spending some time with me today!

Square Crossed Star

Here is another teabag fold called Star Squares.  It looks like one square on top of another, but turned.  It sounds confusing, so here’s a picture to help you out.

This one takes eight 1-7/8″ squares of patterned paper and a bit of adhesive.


Start with the white side of one square up and fold diagonally, then unfold.  Now, fold it the other diagonal and unfold.  When you open it up you should have an “X” folded in your square.




Now, fold the bottom to the top and unfold, then side to side and unfold.

You should see an “X” and a cross folded into your square.




Fold your square into a triangle with the fold on top and the point down.

Gently take on of the sides along the fold, open it slightly and push that crease so it goes down and into the center.  Do the same with the other side.  You should now have a diamond with the opening at the bottom.

Take the top flap on the left and fold it down along the center crease.  Fold the top flap on the right and fold it down along the center crease.  Piece one is done!  Now, do the same with the other seven pieces.

To adhere the pieces together, put a little adhesive on the left side of the center section and slide the flat side area of the next piece on top, so the center point (with all the folds) is to the center.  Add all pieces.  On the last piece, you will have to put some adhesive on top of the right side and lift the left side of the first piece up into place.

Are you impressed?  You just made a fun Teabag Fold, or Kaleidoscope Origami.  If you had any problems, watch the video below.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!

Teabag Fold: Four Directions Star

It has been quite a while since I’ve shared a new teabag fold with you, so here is a new one, the Four Directions Star.

You only need 4 squares of paper for this one.  As long as they are square, any size will do, though for mine I used 1-7/8″ squares.

Take your first square and flip it over to the white side.

Then you want to fold it in half and unfold it.

Now take the bottom half and fold it to that center fold line.

Repeat with the top half.  Unfold both.

Take the top left corner and fold it down along the top fold line.

Fold the bottom right corner up to the bottom fold line.

Now, fold the top section down along the previously made fold line.

Take the top right corner (folded over now) and fold it down to the bottom fold line.

Fold the bottom edge up along the bottom fold line.

Fold the bottom left corner (folded over) and fold it up so the side edge is even with the top and the bottom edge is straight up and down along the center.

One piece done!  Fold the other 3 the same way.

Take the right point on each piece and that will be what you are lining up.  The first piece, keep laying horizontal and put some adhesive along the center, but slightly to the left.  Put the point of the next piece at the top along the center (to the left side of the center).  Put the third piece in the same position, but along the second piece.  The fourth piece will go in the same position on the third piece (it will be going down towards you, now).  Put the fourth piece on top of the third piece, but under the first piece.  It sounds confusing, but is quite simple if you watch the video below.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!