God Hit Me On The Head

Yep, He did.  Sometimes He has to in order to get my attention.  Not that I didn’t think I was paying attention.  But. . .

Yesterday was the 3rd day in a row of fighting high blood sugars.  They would be fine every so often, but then get really high and not come down for hours, if at all.  For me, that is both physically and emotionally taxing.

Anyway, I was also very busy, which added to the frustration.

To make a long story short(er), I told my folks what I was up to yesterday afternoon, which included an explanation of something that wasn’t necessarily bad, but they didn’t need to hear.  Neither did my niece who came up while I was talking with them, or the other gentleman that was nearby.  The hit on the head came last night when I started to do my Bible study.  Crud.  I should have not talked to another person about what was going on, I should have just talked to God about it.  Him and only Him.

My devotion this morning was about talking to God about each and every little thing.  Another hit.

Then, on the way to work this morning, there was at least 1 song, if not 3, that had to do with talking to God.  Hit again.

Now, I tend to talk to God about pretty much everything, on a pretty constant basis.  However, this weekend, I let not feeling good and busyness get in the way.  Not good.

After the 3 hits in a row, I’m thinking I really need to pick up my journal again and start writing letters to God each and every evening about everything that has gone on throughout the day.  This is in addition to praying about everything as I make my way through the day.

Last night I did ask for forgiveness.  I also asked that He let me know if I need to apologize to anyone else about it.  So far, I haven’t seen that, but life isn’t over, yet.  (Yes, I know I’m going to heaven after my physical death, so I know that life doesn’t ever end.  That’s the point.)

This was just a bit about me and what I’m going through right now.  I figure there is probably someone else out there that needs to hear that they’re not alone in this, or I wouldn’t have felt the need to share another of my shortcomings.

On a totally different note (this one’s good), a group of us from church got together on Saturday evening and we got into a discussion about poop (think Squatty-Potty commercials).  Sounds crazy and typically not something I talk about.  Ever, with anyone.  However, I laughed a lot and had a great time.  That was a definite positive in the weekend.

Thank you for spending some of your precious time with me today.  I hope this encourages you in some way.  If in no other way but knowing that Christians are just regular people with horrendous moments and good moments, too.  We just know that God is here to help us and we trust that He has already forgiven us.  If you don’t know God, I encourage you to get to know Him, as His help and knowing I’m forgiven is the greatest relief you can possibly imagine.  And, He offers it to you, too.  Yep, you.