Bright Fun Colors

I really like the colors for the MFT Color Challenge, right now.  So, I had to do another card with them.  I’d love to have done many more, but time is scarce.  So, using a bright almost neon green, a light pale blue, a bright blue, and kraft, I had some fun.

1-13-19 mft color 1

Used a fun new MFT stamp set called BB Cute Chemists.  I also used the Gina K Designs Wreath Builder for the fun set up.  As strange as it may sound, this is my Valentine’s card for my husband.  I think it’s fun and he’ll get a kick out of it.  He will be getting more than one Valentine card, just cause I like to give him a couple throughout the day.

Thanks for spending a bit more time with me today!

Color and Sketch

Made a card last Sunday afternoon, while spending time with a friend.  Never had time to share it, however.  So, made another card today.  Wanted to share them both with you.

1-13-19 mft color challenge 2

This one is using a new MFT stamp set called Cutieasaurus.  It certainly is cute!  This one is for the current MFT Color Challenge.

This next one was made with MFT BB Beast Friends.  I really enjoy this set!

1-20-19 mft sketch

This one is for the MFT Sketch Challenge this week, as well as the We Craft Cards challenge to use both washi tape (the cute animals at the bottom) and twine.

Thank you for spending some of your valuable time with me today!

Closeup 3

And the last closeup, using a different MFT Sentiment stamp set:

1-1-19 WCC Color 3

I know these aren’t the greatest pictures, but you get the idea (really need to work on my camera and lighting).

Thought the embossing folder went well with the patterned paper I used.

Thanks for spending even more time with me today!

One Sheet Wonder Cards

The Monday challenge on We Craft Cards this week was a One Sheet Wonder.  That is taking either a 6×6, or a 12×12 sheet of patterned paper and making a set of cards from it.

I used a 12×12 sheet and got 8 cards made, before I was tired of it and have enough pieces left over for 6 to 8 more cards.

1-1-19 WCC One Sheet

Now, as I used the colors from the My Favorite Things Color Challenge for these, I am going to post a couple more on different posts, for that.  Then you can see them close up, too.

Thanks for spending a bit of time with me today!  Hope your new year is off to a good start.

Thankful Card

12-30-18 MFT Color

My husband needed a Thank You card, so I used the MFT sketch and color challenges for this week.  He loved it, so hopefully the person he’s giving it to will, as well.  The silver washi tape is holographic.  My daughter got the washi tape for me for Christmas and I couldn’t wait to use it.

Used the following:

Can I just say, stamping and coloring means you can make your images whatever fun color you want.  Never imagined a teal sheep or llama?  They turned out really cute and perfect for the card.  Do things your own way when you create.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!

Time to Relax

I have been crazy busy for 2 weeks with a huge house project.  Yes, I know, it’s just before Christmas, but this is when it could happen.  So, my house has been in chaos, which I don’t deal well with.  But, I got most of the stuff put away by last night, so I actually got to relax today.  My day of rest included making a couple of cards.  Because, that helps me relax.

So, I checked out what the card challenges for this week were for both My Favorite Things and We Craft Cards.  Here’s what I came up with:

12-16-18 MFT WCC

Now this works for the WCC challenge to add a bow.  It also works for the MFT sketch challenge for this week.  I used an MFT stamp set I received today, Beautiful Blessings 2.

Here’s a fun one I came up with for the MFT Color Challenge.

12-16-18 MTF Color Challenge

Had fun with my chameleon-like beast.

Thanks for spending some of your valuable time with me today!

Have a wonderful week and remember to take some time to relax in this hectic week.  Believe me, I understand hectic, I still have to finish cleaning up my house and get decorated for Christmas, as well as finish making my Christmas presents and start wrapping.  Yikes!  But, I enjoyed my day of rest.  And, I plan to go see the new Mary Poppins movie with my daughter, after work on Thursday.  Going to see Aquaman with my “beast” friend on Friday, too.

If I don’t see you beforehand, have a wonderful and merry Christmas.  I am so very glad that God chose to come here, grow up in a poor family, from the wrong area, to go through what so many people go through.  To help us to understand what He has been telling us from the beginning, how to have a relationship with Him.  Then to die in my place, in your place.  The fact that He came and went through all of this is why I have hope and a future.  I pray that each of you also have a relationship with Him and have that same hope and future.  Have a wonderful Christmas!

Fall Colors

My Favorite Things does a color challenge every couple of weeks.  Most of the time I skip the color challenges, and I almost did this time.  However, I thought they would work great on this birthday card for my niece, who’s birthday is coming up.  I used their BB Saddle Up & Celebrate stamp set – such a fun one!  (It was one of the ones I could see using frequently, so purchased it right away.)

Their challenge is to use Persimmon (redish), Sour Apple (green), Milk Chocolate (brown), and Natural (tan).  Definitely had fun with this one.  I have a picture of the inside of the card, as it was fun, too.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!

Pinwheel Cards

We had a card making class at church, last night.  Three of us taught the class how to do 1 card and gave them tips and hints about things to do.  For my card, I wanted to show how they could make a card using what they can find around them, so I showed Pinwheel cards.  I also explained how I started using a ruler, pencil and scissors.

Here are the samples I showed:

10-19-18 Pinwheel Class Examples

Now, this next one isn’t an actual pinwheel.  Though the spinning leaf card isn’t traditional, either.  But, this one I did using My Favorite Things products for both their sketch challenge this week, which worked great as a pinwheel type example and their current color challenge.

10-19-18 MFT Sketch and Color

Definitely had fun creating the past few days.

Thank you for spending some of your precious time with me today!