Take 2

So, I didn’t like the crown shaker card I did last night, so tried to do it a bit differently today.  Used a different crown: this one was actually a tiara from Silhouette Design Studio and did another shaker card.

Used the same set as yesterday, the Queen for the Day from MFT and used the same MFT Sketch Challenge.  Though I added a bit of bling to it, today.

6-30-19 MFT Sketch 2

Definitely like this one better!

Thanks for checking out what I made and spending some of your valuable time with me!



Creating Tired

Last night, I created this card.  I’ve had the idea for a few days, but I’ve been so tired, I didn’t make the time to create it.  I was not pleased.

The front is a shaker card, but I just didn’t like it very much.  The inside, which I made from the scraps I do like.  Today, I added 3 gold sequins above the crown, which makes it a bit better.

I used the Queen for the Day set from MFT.  I also did an alcohol ink panel, which is inside the shaker crown and a bit of it is in the inside, too.

It’s a fun card, as it’s a shaker, but I really do like it better after adding a bit of bling to the front.  (Thank you for the advice Erika Hayes!)

I was diagnosed with Valley Fever last Friday (after lots and lots of tests), and started the medicine this Friday, as I finally got to see (virtually) a specialist, this Friday.  I have been overwhelmingly tired for the past couple of weeks, so this was definitely created in my tiredness.  I got started on medicine this Friday and after a really rough Friday night, am getting a little better every day.  This is thanks to many prayers and the medicine.  I just love how God works through people!  Granted, I could have had a seriously bad reaction had I not seen this amazing Cardiologist on Friday.  He recognized that the medicine I had started that morning would have a bad interaction with one of the drugs I’ve been on for years to help prevent problems with my Type 1 diabetes.  He prescribed a different medication for the duration of my taking the medication for the Valley Fever and two weeks after.  If you need a cardiologist recommendation in the Phoenix AZ area, go see Dr. Yu with HonorHealth!  He’s running tests on my heart, but they are for preventative measures, not that there is anything wrong, now.  God puts us in the right place, at the right time, all the time!  So grateful to our amazing Father.

Thanks for spending some of your valuable time with me today!

Having Fun

Actually got a few cards made this week and had some fun doing it.  This all started with a challenge on WeCraftCards.com this week to use those embellishments just about all paper crafters have on hand.  You bought a set and only used part of it.  Maybe you got some from a friend, or in a swap.  I have a pretty large stash, it’s just trying to figure out where and how to use them.  But, I used a few . . .

I can’t remember who made all of them, but the beautiful bird with the stitched edge was given to me by a friend named Marilyn.  She painted the bird and leaves and did the stitching.  I’m in awe of her talent.  My friend Elaine made the dragon for me.  I added an orange rhinestone for an eye and put it on the alcohol ink background.  So many fun things to choose from and I only used a few.

Now, while digging through my embellishments, I found a few that I thought I could use on the Sketch Challenge at MFT this week.  Do you ever see something and have an idea pop into your head?  I do, a lot.  It doesn’t always work and this one didn’t work quite like I intended, but it mostly worked.

I had this sheet of glitter paper.  Well, I thought it was glitter paper.  It made me think of a crown.  I have a “Queen for the Day” set from MFT.  Figured this would be a fun and easy card to make, just using a border die.  Turns out, the die wouldn’t cut all the way through, as it wasn’t glitter paper, but a glitter sticker paper.  So, used some scissors to try and get it completely apart, though the cut outs wouldn’t release, so it’s more of an embossed design along the edge.  Added a few rhinestones and pearls I had and came up with this . . .

3-1-19 MFT Queen Sketch

Couldn’t just leave it at this, so here’s a glimpse of the inside:

3-1-19 MFT Queen Sketch In

Now getting that glitter sticker on wasn’t easy, but finally got it on there.  I’m hoping the friend that gets this for her birthday enjoys it.  The pretty yellow, almost gold, card that I used is from MFT Stamps and is called Pineapple.

Thanks for spending some of your valuable time with me today!

Oh, if anyone is interested, I finally went to the doctor about my ankle on Thursday.  She put me in a boot and I’m going for an x-ray, ultrasound, and possibly MRI next Friday morning.  Decided as it was still swollen, hurting, and not moving right 6 weeks after the injury, I should probably get it looked at.  Using the boot is irritating and it still hurts, but seems to be helping the swelling go down a bit.  Not putting weight on all the injured tendons and ligaments is probably a good thing.  Don’t say it, I know I should have gone earlier, but figured it would heal on it’s own, eventually.

Have a great rest of your weekend! Continue reading Having Fun

Birthday Fun

Had fun making this birthday card today.  Granted it took too long, but still, it was fun creating.

2-16-19 MFT Sketch

Used the Beautiful Bloom MFT stamp, as well as the Queen for the Day set.  Also used some Zig Clean Color markers, a lot of water, some glitter paper, some purple card, and some white embossing powder.

Did this one for the MFT Sketch Challenge this week.

Thank you for spending some time with me today.