Octagon Star Frame

For those of you that wonder at my posts appearing at 12:01am, I am not up that late, or that early, but I love having it there when people get up, so I schedule it.

This fold is fun to do, and makes something a bit different.

To start, you will need 8 squares of paper.  (I used 1-7/8″ squares, but any size will do depending on how large you want your finished project.)  You will also need a piece of card stock.

Flip your square over so the back side is up.  Then fold diagonally in half, so the left point touches the right point and crease, then unfold.  Next, fold from top to bottom, so the top point touches the bottom and crease, then unfold.

You should now have a crease going horizontally point to point and vertically point to point.  Take one side of the top and fold the side down along the center crease.  Do the same to the other side and unfold.

Do the same thing with the bottom two sides and unfold.

Now, to do the next step, I put my index fingers on the side points and use my thumbs and third fingers to fold the tops and bottoms back along the center lines (where you just folded).  You have to pull your index finger up and out-of-the-way as you are doing this, but you want those center pieces sticking up.  You want to fold the bottom point up to meet the top point.  As you begin folding it up, those center pieces will start to move out toward the sides.  When the bottom point is laying on top of the top point, crease along the center again.  Depending on how “square” your squares were, you may need to re-crease the small side triangles so they lay flat.  (I find that even though I use the markings on my paper-cutter, sometimes my squares aren’t perfect.  It’s okay.  Most of the time you really can’t tell on the finished project.  Just have an extra square or two in case one is too far off.)

Putting this together is the most difficult part.  Because the pieces do not attach to each other, you need some card stock or paper to adhere them to.  I used a rectangle piece of card stock, then had to trim it down a bit at the end.  (Not easy with the pieces are already adhered.)  You can start with a rectangle with sides that are 1/2 the length of one of your squares (for a 2″ square, you will have each side of your octagon 1″).  Or, you could make it larger than your finished piece, or even adhere to a square.  Put a bit of adhesive on the back, bottom edge of your first piece, then adhere it to your card stock or paper.  I lined my piece parallel to the edge of my card.  The top, bottom and each side should be square to each other.  So, I laid down my angle piece, to figure out approximately where my side piece should be, then attached that side piece parallel to the side of the card.  Then adhered the angle piece and worked my way around.  Each corner touches.

At this point, you could trim out the center area and around the outside, if you don’t want any of that background piece showing.  This works well as a frame around a picture, or with a sentiment or image centered in it.

Trying to punch my corners after all my pieces were adhered, was not easy, but it was possible to do.  This is just a fun way to highlight something.  Try it and see what you think.  As you can tell, each piece folds up some, so it has depth to it, but can fold flat.  The white card base is A2 size (4-1/4 x 5-1/2), and I used 1-7/8″ squares, which wound up being too large for my card base.  I will either hand deliver this one or make my own envelope to fit it.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!