Teepee Fold

12-18-13 Teepee 7

This fun card stands up and is a good display piece, as well as a card.  The dimensions I am about to give you will fit into a regular invitation size envelope, though it is a bit thick.

Teepee card instructions:

Cut 3 pieces of card stock to 4″ squares.  (4″ by 4″)  I used two white and one color, though you could use all white and decorate more, or 3 patterned pieces, 3 color, etc.  For mine, I also cut a 3-1/2″ square out of patterned paper for decoration.

12-18-13 Teepee 1

Next, I cut that decoration square in 1/2 along the diagonal.  The 3 main pieces, I folded in 1/2 along the diagonal.

12-18-13 Teepee 2

Next I adhered the right side of my first piece to the left side of my next piece along the diagonal.  Remember, you will still need to fold it, so do this just to the right of your fold.

12-18-13 Teepee 3

Adhere the last piece to the middle piece in the same manner.

12-18-13 Teepee 4

Now you can add your decorative pieces, if you want them.  Another way to decorate this card is to stamp on the 3 main pieces before adhering them together.

12-18-13 Teepee 5

After your pieces are decorated, you need a way to get your teepee to stand up.  For mine, I laid the far right end over the far left end aligning the side of the right with the fold on the left, then pinched it together and punched a hole through.  You could use a small velcro closure, or a removable glue dot, or . . .

12-18-13 Teepee 6

After mine was finished, I decided I wanted a little more decoration, so I untied it and stamped the lower front corners.

12-18-13 Teepee 7

My retying of the bow isn’t fabulous, but you get the idea.

12-18-13 Teepee 8

To fold it for mailing, I untied the back flap and tied the bow loosely, so the recipient can see that is where it will be tied.  This one will probably need some instructions so the recipient can get it to stand properly.  Then, I folded both end pieces in to the middle (the front is flat on my desk, then folded the two sides together.  It’s a bit tight of a fold and rather thick, but it does fit into a regular invitation sized envelope for mailing.  Check how thick your envelope is before mailing as it will need an extra 20 cent stamp if it is too thick or heavy.

12-18-13 Teepee 10

12-18-13 Teepee 9

This card only took a few minutes and that included finding my papers and cutting the squares, then finding a stamp to fit my corners and ink that worked.  Simple, quick and fun.  If you decide to do more decoration than I did, it will take a little longer.

Now, go have some fun and make some Teepee cards!  Please check out my challenge for this on the ScrapZee.com forum.

Thanks for spending some time with me!


Fall Holiday

Here is a card I made last night that would have been much simpler had I not put the 3D sticker on before trying to cut my piece.  My reasoning was that I needed to know how it would fit and cut it correctly, but the thickness of the sticker meant I had to use some scissor type edgers.  not as pretty, but not too bad.  This is for the MFP SpeedyTV Simple Salutations challenge this week for a fall or autumn card.

Fall Holiday Card


I used ivory card for the small front panel, as well as the card base.  Bamboo Leaves (Memento) ink actually matches the green paper and the green of the leaves in the sticker pretty well.  The sticker is from a set called BW Flora & Fauna Birds and Leaves Grand Adhesions by K&Company. The embossing folder I used is Petals by Crafts-Too.  The sentiment stamp is from MFP’s Christmas Bridge Mini set.

Thanks for spending some time with me!

CAS (Clean and Simple)

I am the host of the weekly challenge at CardMaker Magazine’s CardSwap.  My challenge this week is to do a CAS (Clean and Simple) card using only 1 ink and 1 image with 1 sentiment.  This is a simple way to do a bunch of cards at once.  Since it is a CAS challenge, I only want people to have 1 layer.  However, a bit of ribbon, or a few rhinestones, etc. may be added.  Take a look at these examples and come up with your own.  If you post it in the challenge thread at CardSwap by 11:59PM EST on Sunday, October 21, 2012, you will be entered into the drawing for a prize.  I look forward to seeing what you come up with.






These are done in twos as per the image and sentiment, but you can see some are inked around the edges, some have rounded corners here and there, some have ribbon or twine, one has rhinestones, etc.  Had I stuck with 1 image and 1 ink for all of them, they would have been even faster than these were.  However, these are a wedding gift for a friend, so I wanted a variety.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!  I can’t wait to see what you come up with and post on CardSwap.  The drawing for winner is random, so no matter if you don’t like your card, or you do, you have an equal chance and you will get lots of encouragement!

Quick and Personalized

This card was done very quickly, but still personalized, in a way.  I used stamps from 3 different sets to create this card.  I wanted to use this critter (not quite sure what it is, beaver?  woodchuck?) so I took a light variegated green paper and stamped a tree all over it.  Did this by inking the stamp, then stamping twice for the lighter trees.  Next I took a lightly variegated brown paper and stamped the image in brown, then colored it with colored pencils.  Last, I stamped the sentiment in green on the same light brown paper, and highlighted it with a dark brown paper.  The button has dark green thread through it and tied.  (Nothing thicker would go through the tiny little holes.)

The picture was taken at night, so the card looks much better in person.

Very quick and easy for a very busy weekend.  Thanks for spending some time with me today!