Rain Play

It’s always fun to go out and play in the rain.  Okay, I live in the desert, so maybe I enjoy rainy days more than most, as they are rare.  But, I love splashing in puddles and just letting the rain fall on me.

So, here is a card that I made showing that joy in rain.  I used the My Favorite Things sketch challenge, color challenge, and the Double D rain challenge as inspiration.

4-18-20 Rain

For the Double D challenge, you had to have showers and flowers, so in addition to my two orange flowers on the base, I added 3 orange flowers in the shaker with some orange, blue and silver (gray) sequins.

The picture doesn’t show sparkle, but the metal parts of the umbrella and the handle, as well as the bottom of her boots and eyes all have some sparkle.  Also added sparkle to the blue and orange flowers on the bottom.  The picture makes the centers of those flowers look green, but it’s a blue.

I hope this card encourages you.  Thank you for spending some of your valuable time with me today.