Shake It Up Baby!

I’m hosting the challenges at for this week.  For the Monday challenge, I want everyone to make a shaker card.

You saw my first example, yesterday (the maze).  Here are two more shaker examples.

On the pear card, I used a Queen and Company kit to make it.  Granted, the card for the pieces of the pear were not part of the kit, but the beads, the foam piece, the sentiment stamp, the twine, and the background paper were.

The hippo card used an MFT stamp set called Happy Hippos, some tulle, a few assorted sequins and lots of score tape.  Used two colors of card, too.  To make the window, I layered the top piece over the base card, used a die and ran it through my Cuttlebug.  That cut all the way through the top piece and 98% of the way through the top of the base card.  Granted, I ran it through open, so it wouldn’t mess up the bottom of the base card.  Spent a lot of time coloring birds, then gluing them back to back.  The birds are blue on one side and yellow on the other.  Stamped a bit on the inside, so it shows through the window, as well.  This doesn’t leave much room to write inside, where it won’t show through, but I didn’t stamp the back, so I can write there, too.  It does make a fun card.

So, go check out the challenge, and join in, if you want.  If you don’t want to join there, please post a shaker card you’ve made in the comments.

Thanks for spending some time with me today.

Huge thanks to all of the soldiers serving all over the world to protect me, my family, and every other person here, and our freedom.  Your service means more than words can ever say.  My appreciation goes to your families, as well.  They go through so much so you can serve, so they are serving our country, too.  Thank you.


My Kind of Retirement

Okay, so I showed you some retirement cards last week.  But, I hadn’t been able to get the one I wanted to do completed.  Worked on it this week and finally got it working correctly.

5-26-18 Retirement Maze

It’s not perfect and though this was the best picture I got of it, it isn’t a fabulous picture.  Wound up layering 8 layers of card with the maze and the frame.  Then added the acetate cover and a cover panel.  It is one very thick card.  So thick, I had to make a custom envelope for it.  However, the little balls move around, this time.  The card is done in Arizona Diamondback colors, as that is the retiree’s favorite team.  And the white ball is the one he’s supposed to get to the finish.  The rest are there as distractions.  I wound up having to use glue on each layer of the maze, and the end of a paintbrush to move it into place.  Needless to say, by the time I got 8 layers done, there was a bit of glue that had gotten onto the base.  So, wound up using my anti-static pad (cornstarch pouch) all over it to make sure no sticky was left, after it dried.

The inside was totally personalized, so didn’t show that.

This was the idea that occurred to me a few months ago.  It was more difficult to put together than anticipated and didn’t turn out quite how I had it pictured, but I think the retiree will enjoy it.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!  Go enjoy the rest of your day.

Tags that Shake

There are a lot of instructions on how to make shaker boxes, or pieces for cards or tags, out there, so this is just another one to give you some ideas to try.

Here are the two tags that I made:

11-16-15 Shaker Tags 7

Okay, these aren’t the greatest pictures, but the light has just been strange today (both sun and indoor).

Now, I saw some instructions that said to use adhesive craft foam for them.  I didn’t have any adhesive foam, but I did have some craft foam.  So, I used that for the tree.

To start, I cut 2 pieces of card stock and 1 of the foam in the large (2nd size down of the dies) tree size. (Sizzix Christmas Trees)  I cut the smallest tree size out of the center of one of the card stock trees and the foam.  I also cut the size in between out of plastic/acetate.  (I just save the plastic that seems pretty sturdy from boxes, box fronts, die holders, etc.)

11-16-15 Shaker Tag 1

11-16-15 Shaker Tag 2

I saved the two cut out small trees for cards.  Now, like I said, I didn’t have adhesive foam, so I just used some craft glue.  First, I put a bit of glue around the edges of the hole on the back of the front piece and adhered the acetate on it, fairly centered.  Then, I adhered the foam piece to the bottom tree (one without the hole).  I put some confetti (this was actually saved from a card, or something that had a pouch as part of it, from years ago.  I have used this confetti for several projects and have quite a bit left.  Definitely recycle stuff you might use!)  in the center of the foam.

11-16-15 Shaker Tag 3

Then, I smeared some glue around the foam piece and layered the top piece on that, lining up the edges.  For this one, I used a hole punch near the top and ran some ribbon through as a tie.

Now, for my second tag, I did it a little differently.  For this one, I did hearts (Sizzix heart dies).  I cut two of the scalloped hearts out of a dark pink (cranberry) card stock, the smooth edge heart that was almost the same size is what I used for the acetate, and a smaller smooth edge heart for the hole.  Instead of using foam on this one (I only had green foam), I used some foam mounting tape.  The glue was used to adhere the acetate to the back of the front piece.

11-16-15 Shaker Tag 5

On this one, I cut little pieces of the foam mounting tape and outlined the hole as best I could, with no spaces large enough for the confetti to fall out.  It took longer and didn’t wind up as smooth as using the foam.  However, it did work.  The worst part of this tag was, after I put the little heart confetti in the middle, I took off the liner from the foam mounting adhesive.  Definitely not the way to go, as the confetti kept popping out and getting stuck on the adhesive.  Might have worked better to put that in after all the liner was off.  Oh well, live and learn.  I used some of the glue to attach the ribbon on the back piece of this one, moving it so it wouldn’t show.  Then I pressed that back piece on top of the front piece.  Because of the adhesive, you have to line this one up before you actually lay it down and press it together.  (The ability of the glue to slide for a few seconds helped on the first one.)

11-16-15 Shaker Tags 7

Here are the two finished tags.  It really wasn’t too difficult, will make some really fun tags for presents and let me play with paper.  I suggest using a pretty heavy duty card stock for these, to hold it all together well.  The foam was easier, but layer the top card stock and the foam together when cutting the centers out.

I haven’t decorated these, yet, but I probably will add some little ornaments around the edges of the tree one.  You can also decorate the inside with a scene, but I like just being able to see the confetti moving around.  Also, if you get any glue on the acetate where it will show, use an alcohol wipe to clean it up easily.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!