Creative, Or . . .

There are times I think I’m fairly creative, times I think I just have a different way of looking at things, and times I wonder if I just recycle what others do.  Then again, I’m pretty good at trying to figure out economical ways of doing something.  Okay, the economical is probably most of it.

Here are a few things I’ve done in the past week or so, that I thought I’d share with you.

8-8-14 Crop F Lofty 8-8-14 Crop F Majestic 8-8-14 Crop T Puns 8-8-14 Crop T Regal 8-8-14 Crop W Gratefulness 8-8-14 Crop W Shattered Glass 8-10-14 Crop S Crown 1 8-10-14 Crop S Crown 8-10-14 Crop S Quote


These first nine were all from the crop last week at ScrapZee.  There were 8 challenges, but I did 2 for the “Crown” challenge.

8-11-14 Crop Game Thank Yous 8-13-14 STV Polka Dots 8-13-14 SZ PP


The weekly challenge at StampTV this week was to use polka dots, but there was a twist.  You were supposed to use black and white with 1 other color.  That was all well and good on the first ones, except, I typed up my image/sentiment as they were thank yous for the winners of my Mad Libs game and the pre-crop game.  Oops, no StampTV image, so they wouldn’t work for the challenge.  Then I searched for black and white polka dot paper, but found I had none.  The second  picture is what I actually used for the challenge.  I made my own polka dots using a sponge dauber, a pencil eraser, and an embossing tool.  Then made pink polka dots with a Perlen-Pen by Viva.  That one actually turned out pretty cute.  And made an unusual Christmas card, too.  The last one, I was rather stuck on polka dots, so used 2 different polka dot papers, as well as a striped paper for the Patterned Paper Background challenge at ScrapZee.  It was a fun new baby card.

Now, I’m not sure any of these are actually all that creative, except maybe the hippo polka dot card, but then I’ve been having problems concentrating the past couple of weeks, too.

I was amazed at how God works: when I pray about helping me to feel better, and the doctor’s office was closed when I called last night, so I called when they opened this morning and asked to see my doctor, they had an appointment this morning.  He got me started on some medication, just in case, and has me scheduled for some tests and set up to see a specialist if the meds don’t work.  I REALLY like this doctor!

Now, hopefully they will be able to figure out what’s wrong and I can get my diabetes back under control, be able to focus better and not be completely drained of energy all the time.

Sorry, this last bit sounds like I’m complaining, but I’m actually just thrilled at God working in situations at just the right time.  How often can you get an appointment with a good doctor within a week, much less within an hour?

Thanks for spending some time with me today!  I know schools have started back up already, but go enjoy the rest of summer, before fall actually arrives!