Time is flying by

Boy, is time flying by.  I’ve really not been feeling well for a couple of months now, which makes it more difficult to get things done.  I do, however, see a specialist on Tuesday, so maybe he’ll have some ideas on what is wrong.

My daughter’s wedding is getting closer and closer, which means there are lots of little things to get done.  Her bridal shower is next Saturday, and I am making the “cake”, so today I made frosting.  A LOT of frosting.  It’s been a couple, if not several, years since I’ve made and decorated a cake, so it’s a learning/remembering process.  I realized after I made the first batch of frosting, but before I started the second, that I used to measure 1 ingredient a certain way and why.  It would have been nice to remember that before the first batch, but the 2nd was a bit easier in that regard.  Now, hopefully, this will be enough frosting, if not, I’ll be making more white next week while I do the baking and first part of the decorating.

9-6-14 Frosting Bridal Shower Cake

The pink and white are in gallon size bags, while the green is in a quart size bag.  I really hope this is enough!

Anyway, the baking and decorating is Thursday evening after work and before Bible study, and all day Friday.  Oh, we’re going out with my in-laws on Friday evening, so I have to be done by then.  Putting all the pieces together will have to happen at the home where the shower is taking place.  That means I’ll have to get there really early, which I’m hoping isn’t a problem for the lady hosting the party.  I can’t tell you how amazing this woman is to host the Bridal Shower, as she is the mother of one of the two maid of honor’s boyfriends.  Also a former high school teacher of my daughter.

Well, even not feeling well, I have made some cards in the past few weeks.  Here is a quick look at some of them:

8-19-14 SZ STV Fall 8-24-14 SZ STV DT2 8-29-14 SZ STV Fall Bday 8-30-14 STV DT 2 8-30-14 STV Shabby Technique GKD2014GUESTSEP1 9-5-14 STV SZ Color Emboss Resist 9-5-14 SZ Summer

Every one of these is for someone specific and hopefully the recipient will enjoy them.

This one is my absolute favorite and is for my nephew’s 14th birthday.  His birthday was last Monday, but our family celebration is tomorrow.  I can’t wait to see what his reaction is.  He rides motocross, so it’s appropriate.

8-29-14 STV Extreme Texture

If all goes well, I’ll try to get a picture of the “cake” and show you after the shower next weekend.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!