The Feel Of It

Texture!  I love seeing something that makes me want to go touch it.  You know what I’m talking about, the sweet softness of a baby or a puppy, the roughness of broken rocks, the smoothness of marble.

There are lots of ways to create texture on cards or paper, too.

4-1-14 Stencils 9

Dry embossing.

9-29-13 SPTV STV

Heat embossing.

Distressing 4

Crinkling paper.

Fri - Mummy 2

Stamping on material.

WC - Animal

Flock (dark green and rose), Micro Beads (around the edge), Glitter (legs).

Party Card


3-25-14 Textured Baby

Gesso or Embossing paste.

4-21-14 SZ Texture

Ribbon, thread, torn paper, etc.  This has a bit of everything.

Think about ways you can add texture to your projects.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!  Hope you had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday.