Versatile Star

The Versatile Star is a fun folded project as you can change it up.  This is the basic Versatile Star.

To start, you will need 8 squares of paper.  I used 1-7/8″ squares, but you can use any size squares depending upon how big you want your star to be.

Begin with the wrong side of one of your squares up.  Fold in half, then unfold both vertically and horizontally.  You will wind up with a cross folded through your paper.

Now, you need to turn your square and fold, then unfold diagonally in each direction.

You should now have fold lines in a cross through your square, then between each corner in a cross.  Next you need to take the top left corner and the bottom right corner and fold them to the center point.

Take the upper right corner (that was not folded) and fold each side down along the fold line that goes through the center of the point.  Next you want to fold the whole piece in half along that same diagonal fold line.

Your bottom point is the part that has no other folds.  Take that point and fold it over to the right.  It will be folded along one of your previous creases.  Then take the point you just folded to the right and line that point up with the top of its section, so the corner of the fold you just made.

That section should now look like a triangle.  Take the point you just folded over and fold it in half straight down to the bottom point.  Unfold it, then open that section up.  As it is opening, the top point will go towards the bottom point.  Now smash it down so those two points line up.  It should look like a little square.

Do the same thing with each of your other seven squares.  To attach the pieces, you will lift up the left edge of that little square you made at the end, put a drop of glue, then slide the right edge of the little square on the next piece under it.  You will be lining up the fold that goes diagonally through your little square with the edge of the next piece, so the center points are together.




There are a lot of folds to this one, but it turns out cute and you can change it up, too.  Here is the front of your finished star.

And, the back:

Now, if any of this confused you, here is a video that should help:

Thanks for spending some time with me today!