Hearts and Flowers

As it is almost Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d give you a fun teabag fold called Hearts and Flowers today.

To start this one, you need four 1-7/8″ squares. 

You want to flip one of the squares over so the white side is up.  Fold the square in half horizontally, then unfold it.  You will take the top half and fold that in half to the first fold line.

Now you want to fold it in half vertically, then unfold it.

Place it so the folded over section is at the top and the square is face up, white side down.


Take the top right corner and fold it down along the center fold line.  Do the same with the left top corner.

Now, fold the top point down so it is half way between the corners that have been folded down and the bottom edge.  Then unfold and flip the folded part to the other side.

After that, you want to squash the top colored (front) sections so the fold line from the center is along the top edge of the folded back piece.

Do that for each side.

Fold the side sections in to the center fold.

Now, fold the top point (from the squash you did above) down along the fold.  Do this for both sides.

The next step is to fold the very top points over, so it isn’t pointed.  You don’t have to fold much towards you, just the point on each side.

Flip your piece over and you should see the heart on the other side.  The heart will be colored over white bottom section.

To adhere, you can put a bit of adhesive on the white section and slide the next heart piece along that one.  The last piece is the most difficult to get in, but it will slide in.  You may have to fold the bottom corners of the white section in a bit.

What you wind up with should look like this.  You can use this as it is, or as a flower head and draw in a stem and some leaves.  If you just want the heart, you can slide the white section behind something and have the heart over the top.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!

Don’t forget the Winter Warm Up Crop is going on over at CardMaker Magazine’s CardSwap this weekend.  Go check it out and play along!  It is a lot of fun and is being sponsored by Elmers and Spellbinders, so there will be some fantastic prizes!


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