3D Christmas Ornaments on Cards

It’s always fun to have 3D elements on cards.  Especially when they fold flat to mail.  Here is a simple way to do 3D ornaments on cards.

First, pick the shape you want to use for your 3D element.  Just make sure that when you fold it in half vertically, it is the same on both sides.  Then, punch or cut 5 of these in coordinating papers.  (You can use 3 or 4 or 6, etc. I just think 5 works well.)  They can all be from the same paper, too.

Now, I try to be economical, so I picked my papers, cut the background layers and punched some of the shapes out of the back layer (that won’t show).

11-5-14 Baubles Inst 1

Then, I folded my card base and attached those background layers.  Next step is to fold all the 3D element pieces in half.

11-5-14 Baubles Inst 2

If you want to use actual cord or string for your ornament hanger, you will want to attach that to the back of one of your background pieces and bring it to the front.  I just used a Stardust pen (Sakura) for mine.

Next step is to attach those layers together.  Put glue on the right side of one and press the left side of the next to it, until they are all attached.  You can use liquid glue, which means you can move them around until they match perfectly, but then you have to hold it until it sets.  Dry adhesive works well, too, you just have to match them up well before putting together.

11-5-14 Baubles Inst 3

Then, adhere the two ends (back sides) to your card.  I like to put the “hanger” on the card first, then I place the ornament slightly over the top so it doesn’t show.

11-5-14 Baubles Inst 4

Here is the finished card.  Simple and fun, pretty quick, too.  I used Clear Stardust pen over the sentiment to make it stand out.  It works as the patterned papers I used have a bit of shine to them in places, too.

Thanks for spending some time with me!

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