Fall Cards

It’s terrible when you try to be a few months ahead of the game on birthday cards, then realize the end of September that you have no cards for October on.  So, I’m working on getting caught up with the fall birthday cards.

9-23-14 SZ MFP

This is what I came up with for the Inspiration Challenge on MFP SpeedyTV for last week.  Which uses their 2012 Big Dogs set.  Inside there is an image of a boxer with the sentiment for a friend that has a couple of boxers.

Here’s one I did for another friend, also a guy, that has the same birthday as the previous person, just a few years earlier.  The inside will have a fun saying about decorating his cake with leaves.

9-28-14 SZ STV Watercolor Leaves

This one was made using the Signs of Autumn set by Gina K.  I embossed the leaves on the background and some on a separate sheet with green embossing powder, then used watercolor paint to add the fun fall look to the leaves.  Granted, I live in Phoenix AZ, where we don’t really have “fall”, so I’m just creating a fun look using my imagination.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!  We are less than a month out from my daughter’s wedding, so I may only be on here sporadically.

Candle Common Sense

This is for those of you that burn candles, as well as for those that are thinking of making candles.

There are several different types of candles.  All involve a fuel source and a wick.  A pillar candle is one that stands on its own.  A container candle is one that is inside a container of some sort and must be burned within that container.  A votive is a special breed.  It looks like a pillar candle, but must be burned within a container.  It needs to be burned inside a container that is almost the same size as the votive itself, width-wise.  Common sense for burning any of these candles is to make sure that the pillar candle is on a plate, or some non-flammable base with room for wax spillage.  All candles need to be on a level surface and out of drafts.  That means you don’t want to burn candles in a room with a fan on, or where people walk by frequently.  If the flame is moving around a lot, the candle won’t burn correctly.

Another piece of common sense for burning candles that you may, or may not have heard is that before burning the candle, the wick needs to be trimmed to 1/4″.  You don’t need to measure it, but trim it as close to that as you can.  After you burn it and then put it out, let it cool, then make sure you trim the wick to 1/4″ inch before burning again.  Do this EVERY time!

When putting out a candle, it’s great if you can cover it and let it go out on its own (when it runs out of oxygen, the flame goes out).  If you need to blow it out, cup your hand on the back side of the candle to catch the hot wax.

This is something else you may, or may not have heard, but you should know.  When you burn a candle, make sure you burn it 1 hour for each inch it is in diameter.  If you have a votive, that needs to burn for at least an hour.  A 3 inch candle needs to burn for at least 3 hours at a time.  After a candle has been burned the first time for the proper amount of time (3 hours for a 3″, 2 hours for a 2″, etc.), put it out and let it harden before burning again.  After that, you can burn it for longer.  However, common sense is that you don’t leave a burning candle unattended.  If you are burning a 3″ candles for 6 hours, it will probably be fine, as long as it is wicked correctly and doesn’t have a draft near it, however, it could also develop a crater in the side and have hot wax running down its side.  That’s why you want it on a plate, or a good base.

This one is for both candle burners and those making candles. . .those metal pieces at the bottom are REALLY IMPORTANT!!!  Those things are called wick tabs and are what keeps the wick upright as the candle burns down.  It doesn’t matter what type of candle you are burning: container, votive or pillar, the tab holds the wick up so it doesn’t tip over and break the container, or light the wax on fire.  Usually, the wick will drown itself in hot wax, but it can start a fire.  Please make sure you candles have a wick tab.  If they don’t, don’t burn it down below 1/4″ base of solid wax.

This one is common sense for anyone who makes candles.  If you’ve made candles more than a couple of times, you should know that the wick that sometimes comes with candle molds is usually for a straight paraffin candle.  If that’s not what you’re making, you’ll need to do some research and find the proper wick for your wax, additives and diameter.

There are a lot of different types of wax, and each type has different properties, so needs a different type of wick and wick size.  I know from experience that it takes a lot of trial and error to get the proper wick for your candles.  And then, if your wax supplier or wick supplier changes, you need to test again.  It’s fun to test great candles, but it is also a lot of time and expense to get it correct.  I’m fine with that as I really enjoy the process of making candles and I love to burn them, too.

If you already know all of this, I’m sorry to bore you, but it amazed me when I looked at 3 sites for making beeswax candles this past week and all 3 had bad info on making candles.  Which made me think of a few common sense things that not everyone seems to know about burning them, too.  Just thought I’d pass on a bit of common sense.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!  Be careful when burning candles, but do enjoy it.

Just a Quick Card

You probably get a bit tired of all these cards, but here’s a quick one I did for the MFP SpeedyTV Color Challenge, as well as the ScrapZee Monday challenge for last week.

9-20-14 SZ STV MFP

A blue card with gray stamping and pink leaves.  Okay, I added a bit of pink to some of the shells and the starfish, too.  It worked really well for a get well card for a friend’s wife.  Until I put it in the envelope and a few of the bouganvilla petals got crushed.  I tried, but that’s what happens when using dried flowers.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!

Circle Card

It was nice to get done with everything at work this morning and get to come home early, as it’s my birthday.

Saw an article on FB this morning about a little boy whose birthday is this week and would really like a lot of cards, so I got to make one for him.  As the MFP SpeedyTV FOSTV challenge that was posted this morning was to make a circle card, I did that.

9-15-14 MFP FOSTV Circle

Now, to get this written and in the mail for his birthday.

Oh, I also am in the process of making some candles, which is a great thrill to be able to do.  So, it’s a wonderful birthday!

Thanks for spending some time with me today!

Folds and Flowers

Here is a card I did today for the Wednesday challenge on ScrapZee, which was a fold challenge this week, as well as the Inspiration Challenge on MFP SpeedyTV.

9-14-14 SZ MFP Folds

This is a wedding card for some friends that are getting remarried after some time apart.  So glad when God draws people back together again and closer to Him in the process!

Thanks for spending some time with me today!


My daughter’s bridal shower was yesterday.  I showed you some of the frosting in an earlier post, but wanted to show you my past couple of days and the finished product.

Here are the cupcakes.

Lots of Cupcakes

A few of the frosted cupcakes.  Yes, just a few of them.

A Few of the Frosted Cupcakes

The roses:


And, the assembled cake.

The Cake

It was kind of nice using cupcakes as everyone had their own individual portion and no one had to cut the cake.  Everyone loved it, both the look and the taste, though I doubt anyone would have said anything had they not liked it.  I did hear a lot of people say they liked it, though.  What was funny was that the 3 pink ones in the center were the first to be taken.  I think only 1 person took one with a rose on it, which was funny, too.

There were only about 20 of us there, so I sent home as many as possible with people for their significant others and/or children and still wound up with a lot coming home.

When I started frosting them, I remembered why, other than the fact that my family got tired of cakes, that I stopped making and frosting cakes.  I get so frustrated when things don’t turn out just the way I think they should.  Especially when it should be easy to do.  Oh, and I don’t have as much strenth in my hands and wrists as I used to, either.  Oh well.  I did have fun with this and it was great that everyone enjoyed it, which made my daughter happy.  So, it was worth it.  Also found out that the little dog loves frosting.  Yep, I dropped some on the floor and after that he wouldn’t leave my side just in case I dropped more.  I did, so he was happy.

Thanks so much for spending some time with me today.  I really enjoy your visiting and sharing a bit in my life.

Get Well Cards

Today I went to see the specialist, who couldn’t find anything really wrong.  He gave me a few things to try for 2 months, then go back.  Hopefully those will alleviate the problem.

Two ladies at church are going through some major problems health-wise, so I needed to get 2 Get Well cards done.  Here’s the one I made that follows the MFP SpeedyTV Simple Salutations challenge.

9-9-14 MFP SS Recipe


ith the 3 different papers and the two different flowers, this has a lot more “activity” than I normally put on a card, but I kind of like this one.  Used the lavender paper to help the two patterned papers stand out a bit.

For the other one, I just adjusted one of the For Any Occasion cards I had.  Got them in the mail before it ran, too.

Well, between 2 different Bible studies for the next two evenings, work, making the cake and the bridal shower on Saturday, I probably won’t get anymore cards made, though I really hope to get at least 1 more done.  Maybe that will be my relaxation on Sunday afternoon.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!  Have a great rest of the week.